The KEB control system range starts with CONTROL Runtime Basic. The real-time kernel program guarantees diagnostic performance with jitter in the microsecond-range right from the basic version allowing for true multi-tasking with no program-related limits. KEB's basic solution is typically best suited for motion control where tasks are divided according to control and drives.

CONTROL Runtime PRO is based on programming standards IEC 61131-3 and PLC Open. The controls and their interfaces work with open multi-manufacturer commands corresponding to PLC Open definitions. This means maximum flexibility in choice of device and code portability even if different manufacturer platforms are used on the control side. 

With PRO solutions, the system transfers the motion profiles of all axes via the deterministic communication bus. The number of feasible profiles is unlimited and the profile itself can be changed in a motion cycle within a short response time. With this system, KEB offers an efficient solution for current and future machine designs.

If CNC functions are required in an application, CONTROL Runtime ADVANCED is used. The extension to the PRO solution contains CNC transformation libraries as well as the CNC Interpreter according to DIN 66025 (G-Code). The CNC library contains function blocks for using internally stored NC files or loading external NC files (ASCII-/.txt files).


The basis for SPS and Motion Control functionality.


Basic range of functions for the KEB Automation platform (IEC 61131-3 Standard and KEB basic libraries.)


Professional range of functions for the KEB automation platform (cam discs, electronic gearing, angular synchronization).


Advanced range of functions for the KEB Automation platform (CNC functionality, G-Code, prepared kinematics).

CONTROL Runtime functions

  • Standardized function blocks for motion control
  • Standardized function blocks for Softmotion
  • Administrative standard functions
  • Safety function blocks
  • Data/file handling 
  • Parameter handling
  • Communication driver
  • FTP and Webserver
  • Ramp generator
  • Low-pass filter
  • Complex PID controller
  • Temperature controller 
  • Datalogger
  • Point-to-point positioning
  • Speed control
  • Speed and torque control in encoderless Operation
  • CAM function
  • Electronic gearing
  • Angular synchronization
  • Reading of NC files
  • Decoding of NC data
  • Interpolation
  • Transformation of different kinematics
  • Encoder line number
  • Gear ratio
  • Software limit switch
  • Ramp type
  • Speed standardization

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