In the KEB drive and automation world there are no limits between device technology and software. This means that solutions for visualization, motion control, and also remote maintenance can be used on all KEB devices, irrespective of platform, that use a Win CE or Win 32/64 operating system. So the choice of hardware suitable for an application is merely a question of the assigned task. Users therefore have a free choice of the form of automation:

An integrative approach with just one device, remote panel solution or also decentralized arrangement of core components on different products. Finally the required performance dictates the best way, with no restrictions on individual products - with KEB all devices available in the network can be combined with just one connecting cable.


The basis for visualization and operation tasks. This symbol appears on available hardware.


Basic function range of KEB HMI


Professional function range of KEB HMI (extended real-time database, data logger)


Advanced function range of KEB HMI (Webserver, multi-drivers, SMS, E-Mail)

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