COMBIVIS connect Runtime

Remote maintenance across borders

This fast and safe remote maintenance platform ensures optimum service conditions in an advanced automation system. Centrally-controlled devices are available quickly via safe end-to-end connections, with no local presence, at any time, worldwide.

Also, regular data-logging ensures transparent representation of machine data, which means optimum analysis and a continuous upgrade process.


This is the basis for professional remote maintenance:

  • Remote maintenance on the user's own system (remote desktop, file & task management, Chat, Screenshot, VPN)
  • Extended VPN function range with access to the remote system network and system serial Interface


This tool is designed to implement remote maintenance as simply as possible without major cost, access to domains, manage users together with their authorizations, and register devices. The COMBIVIS Connect Control Center is easily installed on the employee's corresponding PC.

Runtime comprises the installed, executing components on remote C6 devices. It monitors the automatic process, controls and enables the end-to-end VPN connection.

Communication between the Control Center and Runtime is established and managed reliably by the redundant server infrastructure. The latest safety standards guarantee maximum data protection.

COMBIVIS Connect Domain effectively represents the client account for using all the services and user-specific infrastructures of the KEB remote maintenance solution.


COMBIVIS connect Runtime Win CE Win 32/64
Remote-Desktop (also multiple sessions with Windows Server), File &Task Management, Chat, Screenshot <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
VPN up to Remote System <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
VPN with access to remote system Ethernet <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
VPN with access to sub-network of remote system serial interface <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
Integrated Firewall <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
API for interface with firm's own software applications <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
Long-term log Runtime operations <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
Multiple connections of different Control Centers <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
Creation of domain, structured organisation of user and remote PC <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
Support for Internet connection via PROXY for Control Center and Runtime <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
Operation in local network, without licence <center>x</center> <center>x</center>
Support for Runtime control with automatic management of termination and reboot of Runtime service <center>x</center> <center>x</center>

Contact for Control & Automation

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