Safety PLC & Safety I/O

Safety functions in innovative industrial installations

A high standard of safety is vital in industrial automation settings. With each new machine generation there is an increasing emphasis on flexible programming for these features to ensure a place in the future-oriented market.

At KEB we have taken up this challenge and devised an innovative solution with the Safety PLC controller and Safety Remote I/O module. Our latest safety devices can be incorporated into an existing installation using EtherCAT. Real-time communication is achieved using EtherCAT with Safety over EtherCAT® (FSoE) certified safety protocol. With the Safety PLC any number of FSoE slaves can be linked, including the safety I/O module, or a KEB drive controller with safety module.

The programmable Safety PLC and Remote I/O module comply with the requirements of IEC 61508 SIL 3 and DIN EN ISO 13849-1 Ple safety standards. It is programmed with COMBIVIS Studio 6, which comes with safety function elements built in, allowing the user to design an application that meets safety requirements while saving time and money in the design process.

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