Where we started.

The founder, Karl-Ernst Brinkmann, started making electromagnetic couplings and brakes in 1972 with six employees - that was the moment KEB was created. 


Establishment of Karl E. Brinkmann GmbH

Design, development, production and sales of electromagnetic couplings and brakes. These have been used successfully for many decades as the classic solution for connection or disconnection and braking of main and auxiliary assemblies in machines.


COMBIVERT 56 - Production of the firm's own first generation inverters.

In the mid-80s variable-speed drives were becoming more popular for process adaptation, and the firm soon started to produce its own solutions incorporating the latest innovations. 

Today frequency inverters and servo-drives are the main source of revenue and in the current design phase, these are incorporated with higher-level control, from visualization through to remote maintenance, as part of the overall automation of machines and installations.


Establishment of KEB Schneeberg

Expansion of the product portfolio with industrial gearboxes and geared motors. Start with the core competence for transmission technology of qualified employees from the VEM Group in the Schneeberg / Erzgebirge site.


Expansion of magnetic engineering business

State-of-the-art production in the new production, facility 2- Südstraße. The second construction stage took place in 2008 with the doubling of the hall area, including a new training center.


Control & Automation

Development and production of embedded control technology for PLC and motion control systems. Concepts and solutions, preferably for subordinate control structures of established PLC systems


KEB moving towards becoming a provider of complete automation solutions


Building a broad portfolio of IPC-based automation products from the visualization, remote control to the CNC level plus the associated software tool for the complete automation.


Name change to KEB Automation KG

With the addition of automation, the firm's active focus then progressed from the previous drive technology positioning to engineering system supplier.


From the start, in addition to core competence in technical solutions, the aim was also to develop high manufacturing depth on the latest production systems, as well as wide experience in applications in virtually all modern machine and installation production sectors, substantially securing the firm's success. 

Starting with less than 1000 m² of production area, operational facilities were extended over the years to more than 40,000 m² at the Barntrup headquarters and 15,000 m² in the geared motor works in Schneeberg.  Outside of EMEA, production facilities in America, China and Japan ensure prompt local supply.