Motors and Geared Motors

Motors and Geared Motors

Brakes are a key element in the use of motors and geared motors. Always at the ready but still invisible! Brake motors are used to move and secure loads in different positions.

KEB Permanent magnets – or KEB spring-applied brakes - are silent companions that are ideal for integration in conventional AC synchronous drives, or also in typical servo applications with synchronous motors.

Where moving masses need to be braked or brought to a defined stop in a short space of time, KEB brakes incorporating know-how, sophisticated technology and innovation are the answer. Use of these offers you a decisive advantage.

Typical areas of application:

COMBISTOP: the standard solution for industrial AC asynchronous drives and increasingly used in servomotors – including in wind turbines, theatre engineering, as well as cranes and lifting equipment.

COMBIPERM: the classic option for use with permanent magnets in servomotors, including in the packaging industry, medical engineering, robots and automation engineering, the paper and printing industry, machine tools or wood-processing machines.

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