Permanentmagnetic Brakes Automotive

The power of permanent magnets

KEB high performance permanent magnet brakes transmit torque by friction with no torsional backlash.

Permanent magnets generate a force field raised (opened) by the magnetic coil of the opposite pole when current is supplied and, in conjunction with the spring on the armature element, ensures separation free from residual torque irrespective of installation position.

A further advantage of permanent magnet brakes is high torque transmission within a small space. 
KEB permanent magnet brakes are particularly suitable for door/hatch Systems.


Technische Daten

Torque range 0,1 … 80 Nm
Diameter 29 … 150 mm
Operating voltages 12 … 48 V DC

An alternative to power transmission with permanent magnets are KEB spring-operated brakes, available for use with braking torque up to 1500 Nm.