Mechanical Charging - Switching of Auxiliary Drive and Hybrid

Performance when you need it

Downsizing is an established concept that is closely linked to present-day engine development and, in addition to further development of turbochargers, TWIN-CHARGER or SUPER-BOOSTER systems with switchable "extra performance", provide the technical basis for these generations of engine. The user can see this from the number of cylinders, with now 3 out of 4, 4 out of 6, or 6 out of 8.

Then the next stage: Rightsizing covers the entire environment and provides additional CO2- saving potential through demand-orientated switching of auxiliary assemblies, or an electric coupling drive on the combustion engine - in short, a hybrid.
KEB has many years' experience in this field of application and now supplies prominent manufacturers with electromagnetic core power on/off components.
All the requisite basic technologies are available, optimized for installation, switching and environmental conditions, for  application of further function optimization in drives.

Make use of these in your specific tasks - ask us for our advice!